Take the Perfect Smartphone Firework Photo This 4th of July

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

For a lot of us, Independence Day creates the desire to perfectly capture our fun-filled weekends and the American Spirit in one single Instagram photo. You’ve probably taken the “waving american flag” photo or the “sun shining on my festive outfit” photo, but have you ever captured the perfect firework photo? Here are a few tips to get you on the right track for a smartphone firework picture that pops.


Photo by @elynnlove











1) Turn That Flash Off
Using the flash will only lighten what’s right in front of you… so unless you want a great photo of all of the other “oo-ers & ah-ers” in front of you or the mushy couple you ended up sitting by, make sure your flash is off.

2) Stabilize Your Phone
We know you’ll be shaking with excitement when you finally see the weeping willow-shaped firework, but you’ve got to keep your phone still. Use a product like the iStabilizer to make sure you’re not taking a blurry photo.

3) Release the Shutter to Snap Your Photo
If you’re using an iPhone, keep in mind that it actually takes the picture when you release your finger from the shutter button. Set up your shot, hold down the shutter, and wait for the right time to take your pic.

4) Set Up the Shot
Believe it or not, the best place to capture an awesome firework photo isn’t right below them. Move back and take in a bit more of the scene.

5) Take It Easy On the Editing
Don’t try to make the fireworks brighter in your editing apps. That’s only going to add noise to your photo. Looks like you’re going to have to go “all natural” on this one, people.

Now, get out there and make us proud! If you take a photo you love, share it with us on Instagram or get it printed on Metal. That shine would look amazing with fireworks!


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