Pixuru’s Summer of Music Photo Contest

Published July 18th, 2013


We’re giving away up to $500 in photo art prints in our Summer of Music Photo Contest! Show us your passion, creativity, the stage lights, your favorite band, the sea of lighter apps swaying in the air… anything will do. So let’s see your best photos!

How do you enter? There are 3 ways:

Here’s the prize breakdown:

  • 1st place – $500 in Pixuru prints
  • 2nd place – 2 free metal or wood 16″ x 20″ prints
  • 3rd place – 1 metal or wood 16″ x 20″ print
  • Everyone who enters gets a code for 10% off their next Pixuru purchase.

The contest ends September 3rd, so keep us in mind all summer. Stay tuned for our 3 picks on the 5th! If you’re curious about who we are or what we do, feel free to learn a bit more about Pixuru.

Have fun, get loud, feel the music & win some awesome artwork to show of. Sounds like a good summer to us!



Take the Perfect Smartphone Firework Photo This 4th of July

Published June 25th, 2013

For a lot of us, Independence Day creates the desire to perfectly capture our fun-filled weekends and the American Spirit in one single Instagram photo. You’ve probably taken the “waving american flag” photo or the “sun shining on my festive outfit” photo, but have you ever captured the perfect firework photo? Here are a few tips to get you on the right track for a smartphone firework picture that pops.


Photo by @elynnlove











1) Turn That Flash Off
Using the flash will only lighten what’s right in front of you… so unless you want a great photo of all of the other “oo-ers & ah-ers” in front of you or the mushy couple you ended up sitting by, make sure your flash is off.

2) Stabilize Your Phone
We know you’ll be shaking with excitement when you finally see the weeping willow-shaped firework, but you’ve got to keep your phone still. Use a product like the iStabilizer to make sure you’re not taking a blurry photo.

3) Release the Shutter to Snap Your Photo
If you’re using an iPhone, keep in mind that it actually takes the picture when you release your finger from the shutter button. Set up your shot, hold down the shutter, and wait for the right time to take your pic.

4) Set Up the Shot
Believe it or not, the best place to capture an awesome firework photo isn’t right below them. Move back and take in a bit more of the scene.

5) Take It Easy On the Editing
Don’t try to make the fireworks brighter in your editing apps. That’s only going to add noise to your photo. Looks like you’re going to have to go “all natural” on this one, people.

Now, get out there and make us proud! If you take a photo you love, share it with us on Instagram or get it printed on Metal. That shine would look amazing with fireworks!


Photo Wood Prints: Secrets to Success

Published June 19th, 2013

Prints on wood are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason. Wood Prints are a little slice of photo art heaven. They’ll show off your rockstar photo skills, spruce up your wall with wood grain, and can even burn in the fire pit to ease a little heartbreak if you’ve proactively printed a photo of your now ex.

We’d like to tell you how Pixuru creates wood prints that last forever, but then we’d have to… you know… So we’ll just stick to a few tips that will make your wooden photo print one to be proud of.

Simple is Best
Use photos with a good amount of negative space. (Sunshine works really well)


Keep it Light
Try not to use anything too saturated or dark – it will hide that gorgeous wood grain.


The Sky is the Limit!
But seriously – the sky looks great on a wood print!

PixuruWoodPrintBoats    PixuruWoodPrintSky

The more we see our wood prints, the more we love them! Once you get yours, show it off! Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we might just send a little something special your way.


Instagram Photo Highlight: Simplicity at It’s Best

Published June 5th, 2013

We’ve all been there. That moment when you’re browsing Instagram and you see a smartphone photo that makes you stop and think “wish I had done that!” Well, we had that moment this morning with the perfect simplicity used by Hiroaki Fukuda, and of course we had to share it with you. This simplicity wasn’t an accident either, it shows itself often in his iphoneography. He’s a must-follow!

Tip of Tokyo by Hiroaki Fukuda

Tip of Tokyo by Hiroaki Fukuda

One of the most important aspects of mobile photography is keeping it simple, but when you’re first starting out it seems to be one of the hardest things to keep in mind. Remember to take as many photos of you can of every subject, and hopefully you can break it down into something that’s simply stunning. Once you get a photo you want to show off, check out these tips for making it into a smartphone print that’s gallery-worthy.

5 Weekend Instagram Pics That’ll Keep You Staring

Published May 20th, 2013

Here’s a roundup of our favorite Instagram Pics from the weekend.
Perfect inspiration for composition, editing and awesomeness in general!

Photo by tobyharriman

Back Through by @tobyharriman – shot with iPhone, processed with Snapseed.

Not only is the composition spot on, but black and white was definitely the right choice here!

Untitled photo by @sefayamak

Untitled photo by @sefayamak

Great way to bring in the reflection to make this photo more interesting.

Simplicity is key – perfect example.  This would look amazing as a wood print!

Photo of Hudson River Park by @chrisozer

Photo of Hudson River Park by @chrisozer

This image leads the eye right to the horizon where the fog is setting in. Lovely.

Midnight mMarauders by 13thwitness

Midnight Marauders by @13thwitness

We can’t get over the lighting in this photo! It’s beautiful, calming and rebellious all at the same time.

Follow us on Instagram to see our Instagram pic of the day or mention us @Pixuru to show us your amazing digital images!



3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Pixuru iPhone Prints

Published May 1st, 2013

Now that you’re ready to create photo art from your phone, lets go over a few tips to make certain your friends will be jealous of your amazing iPhone prints.

Pixuru Prints

Canvas, Wood, Metal and Framed prints by Pixuru

1) Use an editing app.

Just a couple of tweaks can drastically improve your photo – give Snapseed a try. It has filters to really make an impact, plus other tools to make minor changes if your image already rocks.

2) Pre-plan your space.
Take the time to look at your space and figure out where the best place is to hang your work of art — and what size would work best. If you’re going for a statement piece be sure you don’t go too small, but be careful with overwhelming a cozy room with a gigantic canvas.  Just because Pixuru can print the World’s largest iPhone print doesn’t mean it’s right for every room. Plus, if you’re planning on ordering from the Pixuru app there’s a feature built right in to help you with print size.

3) Match your photo surface with your personal style.
Do you have an eye for the classical? Then go for our classic canvas print option. Wood prints are all the rage right now; they’re rustic, timeless, and perfect for the crafty, DIY, organic-minded spirit in all of us. On the other hand framed and metal prints work well for a sleek modernist feel — framing your art or adding that metallic sheen truly “ups” the gallery feel of any room in your home. If you’re feeling bold, why not try the one that would stand out the most on your wall? After all… with Pixuru you are your own artist.


Introducing the World’s Largest iPhone Print

Published May 1st, 2013

When the idea of Pixuru first came up, we knew it would be a struggle to prove how well we could blow up a smartphone photo. We’ve seen it happen, we know it rocks, but how can we really show people the true quality? The answer… the World’s Largest iPhone Print, of course.


With our patent-pending printing process that allows us to create extremely large prints while keeping the integrity of the picture, we created this 25 ft. wide by 5 ft. tall panoramic print of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.

This record-breaking print has already been featured by companies such as Built in Chicago and Digital Trends. With the combination of our 3 obsessions; printing, iPhone panos and Chicago, we’ve got a plan in the works to really show off the city and all that we can do. Stay tuned!


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